Personalized Pop Up Tent for Various Events

10X15 is a medium-size tent in the packages we offer. Now you can have extra advertising space in the trade shows. This customized tent is perfect for outside events. You can host a party or a cookout and the tent will shelter a lot of attendees with no such problem of lack of space.

Some of the features of 10X15 tents are:

  • Heavy-duty steel and aluminum frames available to choose from
  • Add walls to enclose the space inside the canopy tent
  • All-weather resistant tent will full-color graphics

Suitable Pop Up 10X15 canopy tent for your branding needs

10X15 is an ideal size to choose for your outdoor events or the tradeshow promotional events. These are very successful in outdoor campaigning. You can set the tent outdoor as this tent is all-weather resistant. You can also cook underneath this personalized tent as this is fire-retardant and will give you the freedom to do various tasks in this tent.

If your company does a lot of marketing at the trade shows then our tent is a perfect option for you. Having a mid-size pop-up tent is a plus and will create a attractive promotion with more space to showcase your product and services.

It comes with a heavy-duty carrying case to support the tent fabric and its frame from getting damaged.


Branded Canopy Tents